A love letter to my mom

April 29, 2016

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One of my favorite people in the world is my mom who has had a profound impact on my life and the decisions I’ve made. Growing up with five kids in our family and a dad who traveled often for the military, my mom was the CEO of our family, packing lunches, attending to broken bones and settling fights between the kids. I always remember my mom laughing, smiling and embracing her role and responsibilities along the way. Not one day went by that I didn’t hear “I love you”. Even into adulthood my mom is my biggest fan. I remember about 5 years ago when I introduced her to a work colleague who happened not to care for me to much. My mom kindly shook his hand and wrapped her arm around him and said “You are so lucky to work with my Caki Baki.” He had no choice but to nod and agree in kind, but on the inside, I’m sure he was saying “I hate her.” I love telling that story because it talks to my mom’s blind love and that as far as she is concerned, she thought I was perfect and so should everyone else.

There are so many fond memories I have of my mom such as sneaking into bed with her at night and drinking root beer floats while watching the TV show “Hart to Hart” that I will always remember,  but it’s her inner strength and fortitude I’ve witnessed over the recent years that continue to make me in awe of her. When I was in my early 20’s my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, a fate that normally comes with a 6 month or less time frame to live. Our first visit to the Dr. after her grim diagnosis was that she should start to make preparations. I remember my mom and I shared an instantaneous glance of worry but not defeat. My mom kindly thanked the Dr. and said we’ll be looking for treatment elsewhere; I actually wanted to say “screw you for giving up Doc, don’t you know who you are dealing with.” Later that night my mom said she was going to fight this for two reasons, she wanted to be here for her kids and to see her her future grand kids. The next 10 years was a series of ups and downs, with my mom going through an excruciating series of chemotherapy treatments, brain + body surgeries, seizures and losing some motor functions. All along the way I was conflicted, not wanting to see her in any more pain but selfishly wanting her to forge on because I wouldn’t know how to go on without my mom. I didn’t need her to tuck me into bed anymore but I still needed the daily calls and hearing her call me “Caki Baki.”

Today and 20 + years later, while my mom has had some bouts with her health, scares of the cancer resurfacing, she is cancer free. She also happens to have 11 grand kids and along with her “best mom in the world” title, she has masterly earned “best grandma in the world” title. This mother’s day I celebrate Linda Kay Perry as a super star mom, best friend, grandmother and the strongest woman I know. So tell your mom how much she means to you this Mother’s Day, whether it be with a call, card or one of our top picks of gift suggestions to celebrate your mom this year. Click on the image below to check out giftypants best gifts for mom.

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