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February 16, 2016

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giftypants started when I received a call from my mother asking if I remembered to send a gift for my nephew’s 4th birthday. The answer was of course not, who can remember with ten nieces and nephews scattered across the county, while also being a full time working mother. That’s when we got the idea to start giftypants, so no one would ever have to get a “guilt call” like that from their mom again. A gift extraordinaire, giftypants sends you reminders with ample notice about birthdays and other events along with a list of gift suggestions customized specifically for the person you’re sending a gift to.

We’re so excited for the launch of giftypants. giftypants is exactly what it sounds like – we are the smartypants of gifts! We have a crew of “the real deal gifting experts” whose sole mission is to find the coolest, hippest and freshest gifts out there for any and all occasions, events and personalities. Want to find a birthday gift for a metro man who has a little bit of geek in him. No problem! We also pride ourselves on the curated gift list we create based on personalities, topics and occasions. I mean who doesn’t want a gift list for beer lovers.

We know it can be overwhelming to find the perfect gift and equally hard to remember the multiple birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions we have in our lives. That’s where giftypants helps. Our slogan is “we are here to remind and find so you send the perfect gift on time.” So this is how it works. We send you a reminder well in advance of important events (think of your nephew’s birthday). With each reminder, we send a customized gift list based on the person’s age, sex and personality. For more information on how it works check out About Us. If you are just looking for a gift without the reminders, no problemo; browse our site which shares tons of gift ideas and our curated lists.

We invite you to check out our site and let us show off what giftypants we are.

The giftypants crew!

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