Why can’t we remember our niece’s and nephew’s birthdays?

March 10, 2016

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Let’s admit it – we are all too busy to remember to do everything! Work, kids, school…you name it. Life gets in the way and we forget to do the simple things.

And yes, we were taught good manners and we aim to keep up with The Jones. But dates have a way of sneaking up on us, and before you know it you’ve forgetting your niece’s and nephew’s birthdays again. Well, giftypants is here to help you – giftypants REMINDS and FINDS so you send the perfect gift ON TIME.

But wait, you don’t know the exact date of your niece’s and nephew’s birthdays? No worry – giftypants has created the Birthday Requestor that allows you to send out a request for the birthday that you are missing. The email recipient can then fill in the date online and your giftypants account is permanently updated. You’ll never again forget an important date! And giftypants will do the hard lifting from there. A couple of weeks before they big day we will send you a customized gift list based on your niece’s or nephew’s age, sex and personality. Awesome, right?

With giftypants, you will never forget that important birthday and you’ll make your Mother proud with your ability to get a gift there on time!

Happy gifting,

The giftypants crew!

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