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February 23, 2016

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It has happened to all of us – you’re scrolling through Facebook only to see pictures of your niece’s birthday or Valentine’s Day arrives before you’ve had a chance to run out and get that perfect present. In this day and age where we’ve simplified our lives with delivery food ordered from your smartphone, services that send you trunks of new clothes each month and mobile app that curate the world of .GIFs (yeah – that really exists!) you would think it would be easy find a great gift and get it there on time.

Assuming we remembered the important date, we started our searches for gifts like everyone else – at a local store, on Amazon or with a fairly generic Google search. Similar to the challenge of deciding on what movie to watch on Netflix, the overwhelming choices and the junk that no-name services list as great gifts was a killjoy for gifting. giftypants was borne from these frustrations and its mission was clear from the beginning – “to remind and find so you send the perfect gift on time!”

Why isn’t there a service that both notifies you of upcoming occasions and provides a list of great gifts that has been curated by an expert? Well, giftypants is here to make you a gifting hero. We provide both the notifications and curated gift lists to make gifting easy. And best of all – our service is FREE!

By signing up for giftypants, you then are able to set up reminders for the special people in your life and the important occasions that you want to celebrate with them. Here is how giftypants works –

1.  Sign up for a free account.
2.  We’ll automatically set up the notifications parameters. By default you are set to receive a notification two weeks and one week in advance of the day. However, you can edit these settings on your “my giftee” page.
3.  Next, add a recipient (or in our parlance – a giftee). You need to specify their sex, birthday or age range, your relationship to them and choose from our predefined list of personalities (feel free to pick multiple).
4.  As a default, your new giftee will be set to send you notification for their birthday. And don’t worry if you don’t know their birthday – you can easily request it with our birthday requestor.
5.  We’ll then make some additional suggestions for other occasions you might want to be reminded about. And with the click of a single button, you can add them to your notifications list.
6.  giftypants will do the rest. You will receive a customized email notification a couple weeks in advance of each special occasion with a curated list of gifts made perfect for that occasion.
7.  The rest is up to you! Just pick the gift or gifts that you think are perfect and buy them on line with a link we provide you of where to purchase it online. You’ll be a gifting hero and never write the dreaded “belated” note again.
8.  Remember to add multiple giftees. You can add an unlimited number of giftees in your account. It is up to you to decide who makes the cut.

We hope you find giftypants to be your first stop for all gifting needs.

Happy gifting,

The giftypants crew!

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